VISA NEWS! Now you can select to make your appointments in ONLY ONE DAY!

The Embassy is pleased to announce that we are now offering same-day interview appointments for all visa categories.  This means that those who schedule their visa interview appointment after 0900 at the Embassy will be able to schedule their appointment at the Applicant Service Center (CAS in Spanish) for earlier that same morning.  The pilot program launched on April 11, 2017 and now the system is fully operational.  Under the prior system, anyone applying for a visa had to schedule an appointment at the CAS for biometrics on one day, and their Embassy interview on a different day (usually the next business day, or if desired the two appointments could be scheduled further apart).

Effective immediately, applicants will be able to schedule their Embassy interview appointment two hours after their ASC appointment.  There must be a minimum of a two hour gap between the two appointments in order for the biometric information to transfer from the CAS to the Embassy.  Therefore applicants must select an appointment time at the Embassy after 0900 since our CAS opens at 0700.

The new system will permit roughly 50% of visa applicants to schedule an appointment at CAS and an appointment at the Embassy on the same day.  This will be especially beneficial to those applicants traveling to Buenos Aires from the Provinces in order to process their visas.  We expect this option to be popular, so applicants may have a longer wait in order to obtain same-day appointments.  Those who plan farther in advance for their visa appointments will be more likely to obtain same-day appointments.