Visas Supernovember

Hola Argentina! Back by popular demand, the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires presents SuperNovember 2016! In 2015, the United States Embassy noted a major increase in the demand for a business and tourism visa to travel to the United States. The wait time for a visa appointment increased to over three weeks.  In an effort to tackle this demand, the US Embassy provided extra visa appointments for three weeks in November 2015 and successfully reduced the visa appointment wait time from 21 days to 1 day, allowing many Argentines to travel to the United States during their summer holidays.

In 2016, more and more Argentines and residents in Argentina continue to travel to the US for business and tourism, and the demand for a US visa continues to grow. In an effort to reduce the wait time for the visa application process, the US Embassy will be adding/increasing visa interview appointments from October 24, 2016 through November 17, 2016. We hope that applicants will plan their travel to the United States with enough time to comfortably apply and interview for the visa, especially for those traveling before the end of January. For questions and more information on the visa application process, please visit our official webpage at