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If you have questions and cannot find answers in our website, please visit our Visa Information Service website or call an operator through one of the following numbers:

Buenos Aires    54-11-5984-1910
Cordoba           54-351-526-9220
Pilar                 54-230-465-0909
La Plata           54-221-513-8038
Mendoza         54-261-524-4788
Rosario            54-341-512-2121

Due to the high volume of emails received daily, we are limited to answering inquiries via email.

You may also find the following options useful:

*Review our Frequently Asked Questions

*Expedited appointments: If you require an expedited appointment (travel for tourism will not be considered), please click here.

*Delayed cases: If you have presented yourself during an interview more than 30 days ago and you were given a green letter (delayed case – 221 g code) and you need to know the status of your case,  please click here.

*Error on the visa:  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all biographical data on the visa is correct. Any error on the visa could create significant delays at the Port of Entry in the United States.  If there is an error in the visa data, which was not based on the applicant’s passport and was simply a consular error, a replacement machine-readable visa will be issued at no cost to the applicant, up to one year from the visa’s original date of issuance and only for the remaining validity of the original visa. In these cases, the applicant can drop his/her passport off at the Embassy any weekday (Monday thru Friday) at 2 pm to have the error corrected. After one year of issuance, the applicant must apply for a new visa and pay a new MRV fee and reciprocity fee if applicable. These applicants will only need to schedule an appointment with the Visa Information Service if the error occurred as a result of an error in the applicant’s passport bio page. Otherwise, if it was a consular error, the applicant can come to the Embassy any weekday (Monday thru Friday) from 8 am to 12pm and submit the appropriate fee, application and be interviewed by a Consular Officer.

Do you have feedback on the process of applying for a visa?  Please fill out the questionnaire here.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: During certain times of the year, you may experience a significant delay in obtaining an appointment. We recommend you schedule your appointment early in advance (current wait times.)  Bear in mind that the wait times may vary daily depending on the appointments requested.

If you have any inconvenience while trying to schedule-re-schedule your appointment online, please contact the Visa Information Service here.

By Email:

If you have a specific question about a nonimmigrant visa case, you may contact the Visa Section directly. Please note that under U.S. law, visa records are confidential and we will not respond to inquiries from third parties.  The Visa Section will only respond to visa inquiries from the applicant or from the applicant’s legal representative.

You may write in English or Spanish. Please indicate the subject of your inquiry on the subject line (e.g., student visa, visitor visa, medical emergency, request for expedited appointment, etc.), and provide the full name and date of birth. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited documents regarding a visa refusal.  Contact us at