Where to Apply

The filing address depends on whether you are filing Form I-140 by itself or with another form.  Check the Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-140 for instructions on where to mail your form.

Filing Fee

Special Instructions

  • If filing at a USCIS Lockbox facility:
  • To ensure your Form I-140 is accepted for processing:
  • Pay the correct filing fee.
  • Sign the form
  • Fill out the form completely and accurately, particularly these required fields:
    • Part 1 – Family Name or Company/Organization Name
    • Part 1 – Address
    • Part 1 – IRS Tax # or SSN (does not apply to Petition Types 1.a. (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) or 1.i. (National Interest Waiver)
    • Part 2 – Petition Type
    • Part 3 – Date of Birth
  • Submit the required evidence listed in the form instructions