Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and information about non-immigrant visas.

Emergencies Request for Expedited Non-Immigrant Visa Appointment

Only the following purposes of trip are considered for expedited appointments. Travel for tourism does not qualify for an expedited appointment.


  • Unforeseen travel requirements in support of business.
  • Other cases that may involve travelers going to sports/media events and/or professional conferences or trainings.

Medical Emergency:

  • You to need to obtain urgent medical care in the U.S.
  • You need to accompany an immediate family member who requires urgent medical care. (Immediate family members include spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, or child).
  • An immediate family member in the U.S. has a serious medical condition and requires your presence urgently.
  • You need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member.

Study, Work Or Exchange Visitor Visa:

  • You need to apply for a student or exchange visitor visa and your appointment date is after the beginning of your classes or exchange program.
  • You recently received your I-797 approval notice and the petitioner requires your immediate presence.

Important Note: Once you obtain an emergency appointment, you are treated as a normal visa applicant; you must qualify for a U.S. visa in every respect.

If the Consular Officer determines on your expedite appointment date that the reason for which the emergency request was approved is not consistent with the actual purpose of your trip, this shall be recorded on your file and might have a negative impact on the outcome of your current or future request(s). In addition to this, you will need to schedule a new appointment through the regular procedure.

In order to initiate your request for an emergency appointment, you must first have applied for a regular appointment.

  • Sign in your registered account at the Visa Information Service.
  • Select the option “request expedite” at the top of the site’s home.

Follow the steps indicated therein and wait for an answer to the e-mail address used when creating your account.

Any person traveling to the US needs a visa and will have to complete the visa process, regardless of their age. All applicants must complete their visa application and the system will guide them accordingly.

The visa expiration date is shown on the visa. This generally means the visa is valid or can be used from the date it is issued until the date it expires, for travel for the same purpose, when the visa is issued for multiple entries. A visa is a document that allows you to arrive to any US Port of Entry to request admission.

The length of stay will depend on the type of visa and the purpose of your trip. With a B1/B2 visa the allowed length of stay is up to 6 months. Even if you were approved for a 6 month stay, bear in mind that a trip for tourism does not generally last 6 months so should you stay for that long, you will need to explain the consular officers or immigration the reason for such lengthy stay.
Information for travelers to the US regarding their immigrant status or length of stay:

The expiration date for the visa should not be confused with the authorized length of your stay in the U.S., given to you by the U.S. immigration inspector at the port-of-entry, on the Arrival-Departure Record, Form I-94, or I-94W for the Visa Waiver Program. The visa expiration date has nothing to do with the authorized length of your stay in the U.S. for any given visit.

Travelers can check their departure date on the CBP website.

Yes.  There is an agreement between the US and certain countries establishing that some nationalities do not require a 6-month validity period to travel to the US.

Please visit the CBP  website and use “six-month club” in the search engine to access a list of all the countries under this agreement.

The passport should remain valid at least for the duration of the traveler’s stay in the United States.

Indefinite visas are no longer valid for travel to the U.S. Bearers of indefinite visas who wish to travel to the U.S. should apply for a new visa at a U.S. Consulate.

The specific duration of the visa will be determined by the consular officer during the visa interview. Argentines who can demonstrate strong ties to their country of residence may be issued a multiple entry B1/B2 (Business/Tourist) visa valid for 10 years The validity of the visa has no bearing on the length of stay.  Each time you enter the US, the Immigration Officials at the port of entry will determine how long you may stay. If the amount of time given to you is not sufficient, you may contact the nearest office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Apply for the extension well in advance.  Approval or denial of the extension is at the discretion of the USCIS.

If you hold a visa of any classification, you are not required to hold a return ticket; you may enter the United States on a one-way ticket. However, the immigration officers at the port of entry may inquire regarding your intent to return to Argentina.  All travelers should carry with them for presentation to US officials, if required, evidence of funds sufficient for their visit.

An applicant may apply at any U.S. Consulate abroad. However, it may be more difficult to qualify for the visa when applying outside one’s own country of permanent residence. You are expected to demonstrate strong ties to your country of residence which support your intention to return home after a temporary visit to the US.  Therefore, applicants are advised to apply in their own country of permanent residence where they can more easily demonstrate these required ties.

An applicant has the right to apply at any consulate abroad. However, it may be more difficult to qualify for the visa when applying outside one’s own country of permanent residence. If you decide to apply abroad it is on the understanding that you may be refused, and the application fee is non-refundable if the visa is not issued. You are expected to demonstrate strong ties to your country that you plan to return to after your visit to the US. Therefore, applicants are advised to always apply in their own country of permanent residence if possible. The decision on the issuance of the visa will be made at the time of application.

NOTE: H-1B visa applicants are not required to show their intent to return to a permanent residence abroad.

If you started a visa application in a consulate, that application cannot be transferred to a different consulate. Should you not be able to continue the application in the selected country, you will need to start a new application.

Please, schedule an appointment for the first available date visiting  this page .Then, click on “Request expedite”. After 48 hours you will receive an answer by email approving or denying your request.

If you need you cancel your appointment, please visit the Visa Information Service.

You probably did not receive an email from the Visa Information Service due to a blockage in your inbox, no space available or a typing error in your email address. If you remember the date and time of your interview, do not worry. The most important information included in that email is the list of required documents that you need to submit the day of the interview. If you still want to receive that email, please contact the Visa Information Service.

You have to be on the time and date of your appointment at the ASC on Avenida Santa Fe 4569, Palermo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

You have to be on the time and the date of your appointment at the Embassy of the United States on Avenida Colombia 4300 (Sarmiento corner), Palermo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

Please visit our Access and Security policy at this page.

The following items are prohibited and applicants will not be allowed to enter the Embassy with them:

  • Purses or bags
  • Cellphones
  • Smart watches
  • Cigars
  • Electronic devices
  • Liquids and/or flammable items, including sodas, perfume, lighters, matches, etc
  • Metallic elements
  • Sharp objects

In order to make the process as quick as possible, please bring only the required documents for your appointment IN YOUR HAND and the keys to your house/vehicle. You will not be able to get into the Embassy premises if you have any of these items.

This list does not include all prohibited objects and the embassy security staff may deny entry to someone who has any object that may be considered dangerous.

All processes that require an interview must be done in person and the only U.S. Consulate is in Buenos Aires. There are some processes that do not require interviews. When scheduling an appointment, the system will determine whether the applicant needs an interview, depending on the answers provided.

You can find the DS-160 here.

Before completing the DS-160, please visit DS-160: Frequently Asked Questions ( to obtain information about the form.

It is very important to complete the form with clear and concise information. If the answers are not correct or completed, your application be subject to administrative processing and you may be required to complete a new form and come back another day. Visa applications can be denied if answers to specific questions are not answered. This application does not replace the requirement of proving strong economic and social ties.

No, the form is in English but you can select the Spanish option (you can click on the right hand corner where there is a drop down menu and choose the language) and put the pointer on the question to see the Spanish translation. All the answers for the application must be in English. Applications that are completed in any other language but English may be denied and you may have to start a new visa process.

Yes. The DS-160 Form allows you to save the data while you are completing it. It is important to ALWAYS save your application to avoid losing information during the process and before sending it. Once you get the confirmation page, it is also important to save a copy of it. Completing the form may take you between 20 to 90 minutes and you will lose time and the information if not saved frequently.

Each time you want to save changes, you will need to follow the instructions in detail: Select SAVE/ SAVE APPLICATION TO FILE/BROWSE/SAVE. If you are inactive for more than 15 minutes, you will lose the information that was not saved. Note:  To properly save the information you need to follow the steps described above, just hitting SAVE without following those steps does not work.

You do not have to bring the complete form. The confirmation page is all you need. The confirmation page is the one that has the bar code and the one you must print after completing and saving the form. You need to keep this page with you during your visa interview. Your case will not be able to be processed if you do not bring the confirmation page with you the day of your interview.

If there is a significant change in the information provided in the DS-160 form or an error/mistake in the biometric data (name, last name, passport number), change of job or place of residence, you will have to complete a new application and attend the ASC the day of your appointment with the new printed DS-160 form.

If at the time of the appointment more than a year has passed since your DS-160 form was filled out, we suggest completing a new one so the information can be up to date.

You do not have to change anything in your account, reschedule or pay the MRV fee again, you will only have to submit the new form the day of your appointment at the ASC.

To complete a new DS-160 form, please visit the following website:


The DS-160 will ask you for a national identity number. That number could be your DNI, Libreta de Enrollamiento (LE) or Libreta Cívica) depending on the case.

Once the interview is completed, the Consular Officer will tell you if your visa was approved. If so, you will be able to pick up your passport with the visa from the location you selected in the account created in the Visa Information Service.

Please visit this page for more info about delivery options.

If your visa was approved, your passport will be ready for pick up between 5 to 7 business days. Sometimes the process can be delayed and take up to several weeks or months. We recommend not to plan any trip (buy plane tickets or make hotel reservations) until receiving your visa.

If you had your interview more than 7 days ago and your visa was approved without any delay and you have not received your passport yet, please visit the Visa Information Service   to get information about document delivery questions.

Applicants must check the information printed on the visa upon receipt to confirm that it is correct. Biographic information on the visa should match the information found on the passport biographic page. If you notice a misprint on your visa, please bring it to the Embassy from Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 12:00 a.m. You have a one-year period to bring your visa for correction with no cost and for the same validity as the original. After one year the applicant will need to re-apply for a new visa and pay a new fee.

As a general rule, we can say that if your passport is expired and you have a valid visa on it, you may travel with the passport holding the visa and a new valid passport (both passports need to show same nationality).

IMPORTANT:  People whose passports have been revoked or declared lost/stolen by RENAPER, should request a new visa to travel to the United States

Any person whose nationality requires a visa to enter to the US will need to apply for a visa in the event of a layover or transit through the US.