Renewal of Other Visa Categories

Renewal program for OTHER visa categories: (C1/D, F (except for Optional Practical Training), M, I, J (except for J1 Summer Work and Travel), H, L (NO blanket) O, P, Q, R)

Type of procedure: documentation drop-off WITHOUT A VISA INTERVIEW

This option can be used by Argentine citizens possessing an Argentine passport and a valid visa (or one that has expired within the last 12 months) from among those mentioned above. Applicants who qualify shall only submit the required documents.


Applicants who:

  • Are Argentine citizens applying with an Argentine passport
  • Possess the exact visa category to be renewed:
  • Issued at the Embassy in Buenos Aires
  • Which is valid or has expired within the past 12 months – 1 year
  • Have never been arrested or convicted of a crime, deported from the United States, denied entry to the United States, or have had any other problems or difficulties with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol when attempting to enter the United States.
  • Are physically present in Argentina at the time of the application


  • Applicants seeking to renew work/student/exchange visas must be returning to the same institution or workplace as was indicated in the previous visa application;
  • J1 Summer Work & Travel applicants do not qualify to use this program. 


Applicants who meet the requirements listed above can drop off their documents without scheduling an appointment and must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Complete the DS-160 online application form and print the confirmation sheet (barcode) per each applicant. Please, complete the application at:

Step 2: Go to the Applicant Service Center website and register online by creating an account (e-mail and password), choose the visa category you will apply to, select DHL’s branch where to pick up your visaed passport after the interview, pay the application fee (MRV fee) and schedule your appointments. In order to fulfill this step, you will need:

  • Current passport and previous passports of the child(ren), if any.
  • DS-160 form’s barcode per each applicant.

Please use one of the numbers below to obtain information on this program:

Buenos Aires    54-11-5984-1910
Córdoba           54-351-5269220
Pilar                 54-230-4650909
La Plata           54-221-5138038
Mendoza          54-261-5244788
Rosario            54-341-5122121

Step 3: Print and complete the following two-page instructive. Submit it together with the documentation. Renewal program for OTHER visa categories: (C1/D, F, M, I, J, H, L [NO blanket], O, P, Q, R) Download PDF file HERE (PDF 268 KB)

Additional Documents

Applicants should submit the following additional documents according to the visa category they are applying for:

*If you are renewing a Petition-Based visa (H, L, O, P, Q, or R) you will need:

a) Original or copy of the I-797, the I-129 form (if you have it), and the contract.
b) Accompanying family members (spouse, child) will need to submit a copy of the Principal Applicant’s I-797 or visa
c) Family book or birth/marriage certificates that show ties with the principal alien.

*If you are renewing a crew member (C1/D) visa, you will need the official letterhead from the company requesting the crew member visa, indicating your occupation, seniority and duration of the contract.

*If you are renewing a journalist (I) visa, you will need to submit a letterhead from the company requesting the journalist visa, indicating your occupation, seniority, purpose and duration of the trip.

*If you are renewing a student or exchange (F, M or J) visa, you will need to submit the I-20 or DS-2019 form, respectively. 

Where do I submit the documentation?

Submit your documents at the Applicant Service Center (ACS) at Avenida Santa Fe 4569, Palermo, from Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm, except on Argentine holidays and American holidays .

APPLICANTS WHO ARE IN THE REST OF THE COUNTRY, please take all the documents with the specific instructions sheet and the system registration confirmation to DHL. This no-cost service is only available for DHL branches in:

  • Mar del Plata: Avenida Independencia 1952
  • Córdoba: Ayacucho 23
  • Rosario: Avenida Pellegrini 1075 y
  • Mendoza: San Martín 93

The rest of branches are available at no cost only for the return of passports upon the procedure ending.

Important note:

  • Please verify that you are submitting all the required documentation. Incomplete applications shall not be accepted and documents shall be returned to the applicant.
  • For cases involving children, it is required that one of the parents submits the documents. Third parties are not allowed to submit such documents.
  • For applicants over 80, the applicant himself or an immediate family member showing proof of the relationship can submit the documents.

NOTE: The Consular Officer not only does reserve the right to request an in-person interview for any applicant for any reason, but may also request further documentation.

An applicant should not make final travel plans until the visa has been approved and delivered.

Where do I pick up the passport? – NOT at the Consulate

After the visa is processed, the consulate will send the passport(s) via DHL to the branch selected by the applicant at the beginning of the registration process. The delivery is FREE OF CHARGE to any branch in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country (selected when registering). Within 10 working days after submitting the documentation, you may access your account and find the tracking number to pick up your passport(s).