Visit to Cabaña Nuevo Milenium

Agricultural Counselor and her team visited Cabaña Nuevo Milenium and animal cloning laboratory “Germinal Biotech”, which has implemented a unique productive system in Argentina. This is the first company in Latin America to clone small ruminants, and breeds from the four livestock species (caprine, porcine, ovine, and bovine).

This technological progress – with no precedents in the region – represents a big opportunity for the livestock business that promotes production of alternative meats.

During the visit, the Agricultural Counselor and her team were able to access to the laboratory to observe the entire in vitro process, as well as enter to the operating room.

The United States and Argentina are working very closely regarding this technology. In an upcoming meeting in Brasilia, several countries including Argentina and the United States will discuss regulations and other issues related to livestock breeds cloning.