Vital Voices Mentees Visited the Embassy

On June 5, the Embassy hosted 40 women selected by Voces Vitales (Vital Voices Argentina) to participate in their annual mentoring program. Cultural, Economic and Commercial officers talked to the group and shared views about the importance of female leadership.

The program enables women to explore their potential as positive catalysts for social change, while giving them the opportunity to learn under the guidance of outstanding women leaders from Argentina. The program includes round-table panels and workshops conducted by women experts in the fields of sciences, politics, business and social issues.

Thirty eight women from various professional fields are participating this year, which started in 2009.  Participants are selected from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Salta, Neuquén and Santa Fe. Mentors represent Google, HP, General Mills, Microsoft, IBM, Mars, Pramer and Thompson Reuters; NGOs such as Cimientos, Grameen and Endeavor; and various universities.