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What We Can’t Do
March 21, 2023

There are many frequently requested services that we are prohibited from performing, including:

    • Provide information regarding U.S. visas or immigration benefits (even if you are an American citizen inquiring on behalf of the visa applicant:
    • Assist with travel, employment or real estate problems.
    • Locate lost property.
    • Pay personal debts for U.S. citizens.
    • Authorize or pay for medical treatment.
    • Prepare tax returns.
    • Provide translations.
    • Issue or authenticate U.S. birth/marriage/death certificates.
    • Apostille documents
    • Issue U.S. police records.
    • Provide security or law enforcement services (including fingerprinting).
    • Renew, replace, or certify driver’s licenses.
    • Collect or forward mail/packages.
    • Cash checks or provide foreign exchange services.
    • Provide legal advice or intervene in judicial cases – please click here for a list of local attorneys (PDF 291KB).
    • Locate or provide information on U.S. citizens.
    • Assist with Argentine visas, residency, and citizenship – please click here for general information on Argentine residency.
    • Assist with U.S. residency or immigration issues, including Green Cards – please click here for information about Immigrant Visas.
    • Get involved with Argentine Customs (international relocation to and from Argentine).
    • Provide information on schools or businesses in the U.S. or Argentina – please click here for a short list of English schools in Argentina (PDF 180 KB).