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What We Can't Do

There are many frequently requested services that we are prohibited from performing, including:

  • Provide information regarding U.S. visas or immigration benefits (even if you are an American citizen inquiring on behalf of the visa applicant)
    Please visit the Visa Section for visa inquires.
    Please visit USCIS for questions on immigration.
  • Assist with travel, employment or real estate problems
  • Locate lost property
  • Pay personal debts for U.S. citizens
  • Authorize or pay for medical treatment
  • Prepare tax returns – please click here for a document that includes a potential list of tax preparers that could assist you with your U.S. tax return.  The Embassy does not endorse any tax preparation specialists, but we offer this information for those who may need it.
  • Provide translations
  • Issue or authenticate U.S. birth/marriage/death certificates
  • Apostille documents – see our guides for information on where you can obtain apostilles for Argentine or U.S. documents.
  • Issue U.S. police records
  • Provide security or law enforcement services (including fingerprinting)
  • Renew, replace, or certify driver’s licenses
  • Collect or forward mail/packages
  • Cash checks or provide foreign exchange services
  • Provide legal advice or intervene in judicial cases – please click here for a list of local attorneys (PDF 291KB).
  • Locate or provide information on U.S. citizens
  • Assist with Argentine or U.S. residency or immigration issues, including Green Cards – please click here for general information on Argentine residency.
  • Provide information on schools or businesses in the U.S. or Argentina – please click here for a short list of English schools in Argentina (PDF 180 KB).